Study In Germany

Student Visa Requirement

This is a simple Bangladesh Germany student visa application checklist who want to study in Germany from Bangladesh. Necessary documents depending on the profile of the student.

1. Passport:

Original Passport with a visa stamp validity of at least 12 months after the expected departure date and a minimum of two blank pages. Please click here if you wish to get a passport.

2. Visa Application Form:

Specific visa application form completed and signed.

3. Photo Specification:

Photograph in color (35mm*45 mm) with white background.

4. Covering-Letter:

Cover letter detailing applicant information, passport details, travel details and who will bear details of expenses.

5. Confirmation of Enrollment:

Initial letter from the University or Accredited Educational Institution confirming acceptance and length of the course with more than one copy (Scholarship Certificate if applicable)

6. Tuition Fees Payment Receipt:

A receipt of payment is a proof of the payment you made to the institution (If Required)

7. Academic Documents:

Please forward all your academic documents to Embassy/VAC

8. Financial Means:

From “DD-MM-YYYY” (date of application) all applicants are expected to provide a total amount of EUR 10,236 (block account)

9. Health Insurance:

An evidence of the full duration of study coverage by health insurance.

10. Birth Certificate:

An original copy of Birth Registration Certificate. If you want Birth Registration Certificate please click here.

11. Police Clearance:

An original copy of Police Clearance Certificate. If you want Police Clearance Certificate please click here.

12. Accommodation Details:

When you have decided where you are going to study, you need to show more about the accommodation.

Basic information

BICAVS is the leading company that provides visa and immigration services for those who want to Study in Germany from Bangladesh. For Germany, BICAVS provides

Visa Consultancy

For Bangladeshi visa seekers who want to travel to the Germany are issued visas in varies categories such as:

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

11 Madani Avenue,
Baridhara Diplomatic Enclave,
Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh
Phone: (+88) 02 5566 8650, (+88) 02 885 3521-24,
(+88) 02 9853521, ext. 153
Fax: (+88) 02 985 3260
Website: http://www.dhaka.diplo.de/
Email: visa@dhaka.diplo.de

Appointments for Visa:

The Visa Counter is closed on Sundays. The Visa Section will accept applications from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 11.30 am. For applications, you are kindly requested to make an appointment at the German Embassy in Dhaka. Appointments cannot be done through telephone or email anymore. You need to take the appointment online, Please Click Here for Appointment and instructions.

Schengen visa (Short-term visa for business trips, visits of family or friends and tourist purposes)

If you are a Bangladeshi national and want to fly to Germany for business trips, family or friend visits and tourist purposes, you need a Schengen visa for a short term. You are kindly invited to make an appointment at the German Embassy in Dhaka for applications. If all of your documents are right and complete, you will usually make a decision about your visa application within seven days of the appointment. See the conditions for a Schengen visa and the application process for more details.

For more detail information: Click here


Germany Visa Fee:


Processing Time:

Total approximate processing time is 10 to 15 working days (Time may vary depending on applicant’s profile and embassy actually processing time)

 Visa Consultancy Fee

** 15% VAT is applicable to to BICAVS’s service (consultancy) charge.

 Consultancy Fee

Service Fee (BDT)

Consultancy 10,000/-

Note: You can also apply for various types of Germany Visa from Bangladesh


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