Refund Policy

Payment & Refund Policies

  1. The fees for BICAVS’s services shall be those specified on the website, including any indirect taxes, if applicable, that are applicable to the fees, and other charges and fees charged by an issuing authority, all of which must be paid by you.
  2. All the services of BICAVS must be availed directly from BICAVS and BICAVS authorized franchise through direct or electronically. Prepayment of Service charges in full is mandatory for availing any of the services.
  3. Should you choose to purchase any of the services offered by BICAVS, either electronically or through a third party; and wish to settle payment for that service by either cash, cards, bank transfer, internet banking, mobile banking or other online payment gateways; you acknowledge that you agree to the BICAVS terms of services. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any additional fees that may be required to facilitate the visa processing or ancillary service including but not limited to fees in connection with translation, notarization or authentication, travel health insurance, additional courier charge/conveyance for collection or delivery.
  4. Payments made online for any of the services through electronic payment gateway are subject to your agreement to the separate terms and conditions provided by the payment gateway facilitator. You must comply with the particular payment gateway related terms and conditions before proceeding to online payments.
  5. Payments made through online payment system – through internet banking/electronic payment gateway/mobile banking may be subject to additional charges/tax associated with payer’s payment account. These charges are outside BICAVS’s service charges.
  6. Any issue with unsuccessful payment due to technical/banking network error must be communicated to the respective banking authority. BICAVS has no discretion and/or authority to resolve the issue.
  7. BICAVS will not provide any service (including the lodgment of a visa application) until payment has been made to BICAVS in full for that service. BICAVS is not responsible for any repercussions of not providing the service in question.
  8. BICAVS Service Charges and Visa Fees may change without prior notice.
  9. As soon as the payment is received and a Tracking ID is generated, the client is deemed to have engaged with the service of BICAVS. Our service is our professional advice, documentation processing expertise and coordinated effort to provide logistics for processing documents from non-resident authorities/embassies. Once the service has been engaged it cannot be returned, whether or not the client has changed his mind or no longer wishes to utilize it. If a client submits a refund request before the application/documents has been dispatched/processing has been commenced, they may be entitled to a partial refund subject to the discretion of BICAVS.
  10. If a client pays to avail consultancy service to BICAVS to assess documents/ prepare a visa application pack or any other service in connection with lodgement and change their mind, the fee is non-refundable. In some cases, a credit for the balance of the fee paid (after an assessment of costs for work carried out to date) may be put towards a future visa application for the client.
  11. Should you withdraw a visa application that you have kept on hold for a period longer than 3 months, even if that application might have never been submitted to the Immigration Authorities will be excluded from our visa application system and no further service will be commenced on it.
  12. BICAVS operates a strict no refund policy for all ancillary services/products. In cases of unsuccessful submission attempt/withdrawal of service only the visa fee will be refunded. The refund must be made to your bank account.
  13. No refund is forthcoming of any fees paid to BICAVS where the visa application has been lodged to the Immigration Authorities regardless of the reason for withdrawal.
  14. For short stay business and tourist visas, BICAVS may apply and pay for a Double or Multiple entry visa on the Client/Service Recipient(s) behalf, yet the embassy may decide to grant a Single-entry visa. The decision to grant a Single-entry visa remains solely with the embassy/consular office and BICAVS do not have any discretion over this. No refund of visa fee will be applicable.


Due to the periodic changes of information/requirement/document, BICAVS doesn’t provide any confirmation, guarantee or representation, express or implied, that the information contained or referenced herein is completely accurate or final. BICAVS also doesn’t assure the grant of visa for its ‘Visa logistics support’. Visa grant is the distinct decision of embassy or consulate of the respective countries.



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